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Our Progress Towards People & Communities

Building pre-schools for the children of our workers

We are providing education facilities for the children of workers at our production facilities in Thailand.

In 2014 we opened two preschools for children of our migrant and local workers in Thailand, and a third preschool was opened in 2016. These preschools help the children enter into the Thai education system so they can progress to primary school. They also ensure the children are safe during the day, providing their working parents with real peace of mind.

Improving artisanal tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean

Thai Union Europe's partnership with WWF-UK supports WWF's Coastal East Africa (CEA) program, which works to improve the management of artisanal tuna fisheries in the South West Indian Ocean.

In 2014, Thai Union Europe started direct funding to WWF’s CEA program. The funds supports WWF’s work on overall tuna stock management in the Indian Ocean, improving management practices, and examining opportunities for value chain addition. The work is critical in supporting greater food security and sustainable resources for millions of people, and will also contribute to the management of migratory tuna in the Indian Ocean.

Centenary awards to community projects

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Chicken of the Sea donated $1m to local good causes in the US to ensure their ongoing community support.

In 2014, Chicken of the Sea celebrated its 100th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it created the Great American Gratitude Award to give more than US$1,000,000 to 100 non-profits and individuals across America who give back to their communities and exhibit the ‘pay it forward’ spirit. It also donated 1 million meals to Feeding America®, in continuation of the brand’s ongoing relationship with the American nationwide network of food banks. Chicken of the Sea continued to pay it forward in 2015 through the Mermaid Legacy Fund, a permanent corporate initiative that allows the company to donate money, volunteer hours and other resources to a select number of non-profit organizations in its hometown of San Diego and beyond on a longer term, partnership basis.

Restoring coral reefs in the Seychelles

We are supporting the efforts to combat climate change by restoring a damaged coral reef in a high profile biodiversity and ecotourism site in the Seychelles.

In 2016, we started working with Nature Seychelles to restore a small coral reef in the shallow waters facing Cousine Island that lost to climate change. The restoration includes transplanting 10,000 coral fragments of several species, and will provide a tourism opportunity for the area. When restored, it will also strengthen the case for Cousine Island to be a marine protected area.

Football clinic for the children of our Thai workers

To help keep the children of our workers in Thailand fit and healthy, we are encouraging them to participate in sport.

In November 2015, we organized a football clinic session led by legendary permit league footballers Dietmar Hamann, Jari Litmanen and Stéphane Henchoz for the children from Wat Sri Suttharam School. The session was a great success and achieved its aim of getting more of the children interested in sports which can link to a healthier lifestyle.

Teaching children about nutrition

Working with Legambiente, our Mareblu brand is supporting the education of the Mediterranean diet.

In 2014, our Italian brand Mareblu supported local NGO Legambiente in the Mediterranean Diet exhibition at the Living Museum of the Sea (Museo Vivo del Mare). The exhibition looks to educate visitors on how the Mediterranean diet was born, and offers different experiences for students of different ages to explore and experience the Mediterranean culture through its cuisine.

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